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Corvette Books: Number & Paint Guides

18 Jun , 2015  

If someone you know is restoring a classic Corvette, chances are they want everything to be as original as possible. As specialists in Corvette restoration in performance, we’ve been helping restore classic Corvettes for nearly forty years. One of the essentials to a good restoration is knowing which product and paint codes correspond to the Corvette parts needed for the restoration.

As you shop for the Corvette restorer on your list, consider giving them something unique. A number and paint guide, while not very glamorous, is the perfect complement to our Corvette restoration guides and Corvette assembly manuals. We have number guides available through the C3, and paint guides available through the 1972 model year. See them listed below:

b-517_79_corvettes by the numbers55-82 Corvettes By The Numbers

b-431_79_63-72paintguide63-72 Corvette Paint Color Chips

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