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1963-1996 Corvette Body Restoration Guides

17 Dec , 2020  

As your Corvette ages, it will eventually need body work. After years of faithful service, seams may begin to show, panel fit may become compromised or there might even be large scale damage that needs to be addressed.

Author Ray J. Shiro shares his 32-years of  experience in the Corvette body repair business in this set of step-by-step guides for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. Written in “plain language”, these easy-reading CDs (with printable documents) cover location of body seams, seam repair, bonding adhesives, panel removal and replacement, complete front or rear assembly and much more:

Volume 1: 63-67 front body panel removal & replacement, headlight assembly removal, replacement & adjustment, body seam repair, body panel splicing repair techniques and body restoration guide.

Volume 2: 63-67 rear body panel removal & replacement, headlight assembly removal, replacement crack repair, panel splicing, body seam repair and a body restoration guide.

Volume 3: 68-82 complete front end replacement, door skin replacement, T-top panels, body panel removal and replacement.

Volume 4: 68-82 headlight assembly, headlight adjustments, door jamb replacement, complete rear body replacement, crack repair, body panel splicing and body seam repair.

Volume 5: 84-96 headlight assembly & adjustments, door jamb splice, front bumper assembly, hood replacement, front lower fender, firewall repair, dog leg panel and body restoration guide.

Volume 6: 84-96 complete door skin & door removal and replacement, rear quarter panel removal & replacement, top panel removal and body restoration guide.

Each CD also includes at least 150 photos with explanations and illustrations.

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