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9 Nov , 2020  

Corvette Sprint Booster power converters will eliminate the delay between your Corvette’s gas pedal and throttle body that is common on all drive by wire systems.

The Sprint Booster is not designed to add horsepower, but it will increase the throttle response – allowing for much quicker acceleration out of turns or from a stop. Count on faster lap times at the track or better reaction times at the drag strip!

New Sprint Booster features include the “Pedal Lock” and “Valet” mode. Both modes are password protected allowing for the driver to “lock” the pedal against or unauthorized use OR limit the acceleration for “Valet” use. Peace of mind when someone else has the opportunity to be behind the wheel of your Corvette.

Installation of the Sprint Booster couldn’t be easier – Simply insert the Sprint Booster into the accelerator pedal, plug the switch into the white socket of the Sprint Booster, mount the switch on the dash using the double sided tape, and secure the excess wire so it will not interfere with your foot or motion of the pedals. Detailed instructions are included.

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