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22 Oct , 2018  

Protect your fenders while restoring your Corvette with our fender mats!

You work hard to keep your Corvette looking it’s best – on the inside and out. Imagine the heartbreak if the next (or first) chip or scratch comes from you – in your own garage. Leaving your fenders unprotected while working under the hood is just asking for trouble. Tools slip out of hands, loose parts fall to the cement floor and paint jobs are ruined. But an ounce of prevention goes a long way. Before you pop the hood to get your hands dirty, protect your paint job with a Corvette Fender Mat or Cover. Quality “no-slip” backing ensures the mat stays in place while you work and when the job is done, the mat easily wipes clean. Available in a variety of styles for all generations, you can’t afford to be without these mats!

Ordering is easy with Zip Corvette Parts. Order online or give us a call! Something not perfect? Don’t worry, we have the best returns and exchanges policy out there. Contact us today to place your order!


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