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9 Nov , 2020  

One challenge of caring for older Corvettes can be the aging sound system components. But no music while you cruise is not an option!  It could be time for a total sound system overhaul, or possibly just a few elements need to be replaced. Either way, Zip has you covered with 1953-1996 Corvette Aftermarket Stereos & Speakers.

Our wide inventory of Corvette Stereos & Speakers will allow you to stay true to the original and introduce today’s technology without losing the classic look that you love.

Zip’s Bluetooth Radios provide the perfect mix of “old school” look and “new school” technology. Forget loose cassettes or CDs – now you and stream your music from your favorite device with Bluetooth functionality! Bluetooth radios feature a face and buttons reminiscent of your Corvette’s original but behind the pretty face is all new technology!

Ordering is easy with Zip Corvette Parts. Order online or give us a call! Something not perfect? Don’t worry, we have the best returns and exchanges policy out there. Contact us today to place your order!

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