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18 Jun , 2015  

Is someone on your list shopping for a Corvette? It can be a confusing process. They’ve been in production for over sixty years, and they were available with lots of different options. If they’ve read about the Corvette’s history, it’s definitely time to slip a Corvette buyers guide into their stocking.

b-400_corvetteblackbookThe number one reference guide for the Corvette is Mike Antonick’s Corvette Black Book. Antonick started publishing the Black Book in 1978 after the widespread success of his book Corvette! America’s Only. The Black Book is a pocket-sized reference on all things Corvette. It includes factory (RPO) option codes, color and interior configurations, and countless facts about America’s favorite sports car. Thoroughly researched, the Black Book is regularly updated. This version contains information on the latest 2015 C7 and is always a popular gift for a Corvette owner or buyer.

b-435_79_top50questionsFor a new owner of a C4 Corvette, Gordon Killebrew’s Top 50 Questions is a great resource for learning about the fourth-generation of Chevrolet’s Corvette. In a pamphlet-like format, Killebrew answers frequently asked questions about the Corvette. Whether you know a C4 collector or are shopping for someone interested in Corvettes, this pamphlet is another wonderful Corvette stocking stuffer.

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