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Adam’s Corvette Car Care

11 Jun , 2015  

A clean Corvette is a happy Corvette, and a happy Corvette is a happy Corvette owner. When shopping for a Corvette owner, your first choice should always be Adam’s Car Car Products. Adam’s products are regarded as the best car care products in the industry, and Zip Corvette is an exclusive dealer. We carry a wide array of Adam’s detailing kits, cleaners, waxes & polishes, and Corvette care equipment. Here are some of our favorites.

Adam’s Detail Spray is the backbone of their product line the most versatile component in any detail kit.  Adam’s detail spray is so versatile you can use it anywhere, for nearly any part of the detailing process, and for touch-ups at the show.

Adam’s Clay Bar is the best way to remove fine grit and surface contaminants from the finish of your Corvette. Coupled with Detail Spray,  all surface contamination will be safely and easily removed without skid or swirl marks left behind. Suitable for 8-10 cleanings, this 4 oz. clay bar will be the one of the most useful gifts you can give.

adams-corvette-wax-giftsYou always follow a clay bar treatment with a good wax or polish to seal the freshly cleaned Corvette finish. Adam’s Premium Buttery Wax goes on smooth and wipes off just as smoothly. Whether applied in shade or sunlight, this carnauba wax will make any Corvette gleam.

As always, here at Zip Corvette Parts, we put you first. Order online or give us a call. Something not perfect? Don’t worry, we have the best returns and exchanges policy out there. Contact us today to your Corvette gifts!

3 Responses

  1. Kevin Lane says:

    Since I can remember I have used generic car cleaning products just to get the job done. I recently received Adam’s Basic Corvette Detail Kit for my birthday, which includes the car wash, car wax, VRT, and detail spray and I have decided that I will never use another car care brand again. My Corvette has never looked this good! Thanks Zip for providing such a great product.

  2. Jeff W. says:

    I managed to buy a couple cans of Adam’s In & Out Spray for my C5 Corvette before it was discontinued but of course have since ran out. I am so glad that the In & Out Spray is back, now I can once again detail my 2001 Z06 Corvette with the best spray cleaner on the market.

  3. Jim says:

    You can’t go wrong with Adams products. I have a 1959 Corvette that i’ve frame off restored and painted. You better believe that Adams car care products will be the only cleaning agent used on my Corvette. I highly recommend the clay bar. It is great for removing bugs and road tar that accumulates over time.

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