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16 Jun , 2015  

Are you shopping for a Corvette owner who spends most of their free time working in the garage? Instead of a t-shirt, coffee mug, or hat, get them something more practical! Race Ramps and Fender Grippers are incredibly useful in the garage and will help your friend or loved one preserve their Corvette for years to come.

corvette-race-ramps-giftsWhether for changing the oil or displaying the car at show, Corvette Race Ramps are the best way to a Corvette off the ground when a lift isn’t available. This year, surprise the Corvette owner in your life with Race Ramps for their Corvette. They’re available in different sizes, so they’ll work with lowered C7’s and standard height solid-axle cars.

corvette-fender-gripper-mat-giftsIf you know someone who spends lots of time working on the engine in their Corvette. then make sure they’ve got their paint protected with a Fender Gripper fender mat! From mats which surround the entire engine compartment to smaller pads, these products are designed to keep belt buckles, tools, and Corvette parts from damaging the finish and fiberglass on a Corvette.

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