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Driven Racing Oil

17 Dec , 2020  

Born from Joe Gibbs Racing, Driven Racing Oil is formulated specifically for all-out race and high-performance engines.

While other oil companies are in love with chemistry and have no real-world understanding of how the products are actually used, Driven puts the “motor ahead of the molecule”, meaning that oil is for the motor, not the other way around. Driven’s product development team looks at the motor and how it is used; then designs application-specific products using a “zero compromise” approach that delivers a measurable performance advantage.

Due to ever tightening EPA regulations, the oil you buy today is not the same as it was 10 years ago. While this is good for your street car, it’s bad news for your racing engine. Racers see more RPM, higher loads and increased temperatures compared to street engines, so a racing engine requires higher levels of wear additives to prevent premature part failure. The oil used in an engine needs to be formulated specifically for that type of engine. This is where Driven excels. 

You wouldn’t use a stock piston in a race engine – and the same goes for oil. We’re so confident that Driven Oil is the best in the market, we use it in every Corvette we service here at Zip.

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